Why Backups are Necessary for Microsoft 365

Here at NSN, we look at backups as a separate copy of data stored in a separate location which can easily and quickly recovered.

Why Backups are Necessary for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (email, file storage, collaboration) is one of the most critical tools in many businesses today. Business rely on secure and reliable communications regardless of the format and Microsoft 365 provides just that. And in todays marketplace, email and chat messages are a vital part of any business communication strategy. With the advent of remote meetings, Microsoft Teams has become a must-have tool in most companies.

So why should you backup Microsoft 365? Isn’t that something that Microsoft takes care of?

Well no exactly. Microsoft’s primary role is managing the infrastructure to maintain reliability and access to the suite of products that are in Microsoft 365. You can find this in the Microsoft Services Agreement Section 6, pt. B. So to maintain control and availability of your data, a third-party backup solution is needed. Microsoft also takes a “Shared Responsibility” model as it relates to your company data.

Here at NSN, we look at backups as a separate copy of data stored in a separate location that can easily and quickly recovered.

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Scenarios Where a Backup Is Vital

A few of the scenarios for backups are:

  • Accident deletion: If an staff member accidently or even intentionally deletes email is one of the primary drivers for backup. And this is not limited to email. Many companies are using Sharepoint to store and manage documents. Without a backup, it is impossible to recover deleted documents after a certain amount of time.
  • Accidental Changes: It happens. Outside of deletions, staff can make a change to document and not realize it for some time. And when it is discovered, it is too late. But this is where a backup comes in to restore the appropriate document.
  • Protect data from data loss and corruption: Microsoft clearly states in the MSA, that Microsoft is not responsible if the data gets corrupted. Third-party backups like the NSN Data Protection Suite, can provide that level of protection.
  • Protect against external security threats: In the event of a breach due to ransomware, password compromise or other such threats Microsoft is not responsible for any loss to your data. That is where the backup provided by NSN comes into play.

These are just a few of the scenarios that make the third-party backup of Microsoft 365 critical to protect your business and your data. With a backup solution like NSN Data Protection Suite, you get a complete managed backup solution. A managed solution means that our team configures the backup and actively monitors the backup. If there is a hiccup or an issue with a backup, our team gets alerted and takes care of the issue. We also handle any restore requests should you ever need to perform a restore. Our goal is to take the headache out of backup!