Edison Health Solutions Chooses NSN Management For IT Services

Edison Health Solutions relies heavily on its IT systems to stay connected, productive, and secure, with a large staff and a larger network of patients.

NSN Management Is Edison Health Solutions’ Reliable IT Partner

Edison Health Solutions is a third-party administrator focused on providing quality healthcare for patients. Their services help patients to navigate the healthcare landscape and better understand the treatment options available to them.

Edison Health Solutions relies heavily on its IT systems to stay connected, productive, and secure, with a large staff and a larger network of patients. They have trusted NSN Management to take care of their IT for more than a year.

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Edison Health Solutions

Edison Health Solutions Struggled With Unresponsive IT

Before working with NSN Management, Edison Health Solutions relied on an unreliable IT company to handle their support needs.

“They never really invested the time needed to learn about our business,” says Richard.

The support provider failed to learn about Edison Health Solutions’ operations, priorities, and goals as an organization, resulting in generic and ineffective support. Furthermore, this IT company often left the Edison Health Solutions team waiting on resolutions to their IT issues.

This is a big problem for healthcare organizations like Edison Health Solutions. Any downtime or system lag can directly affect the quality of care they provide to their patients, some of whom are dealing with medical emergencies.

“Our phones were constantly down,” says Richard. “When dealing with people’s healthcare, your phones can’t be down.”

Eventually, the Edison Health Solutions team became fed up with the unresponsive support from this IT company. They knew they needed to find a true partner in IT that would invest time in understanding their business and deliver the quality of support they needed to care for their patients properly.

“We had to make sure we had a team that could support us and understood the sensitive nature of our business,” says Richard.

That’s When Edison Health Solutions Called NSN Management

In April 2021, Edison Health Solutions switched to NSN Management, and they haven’t looked back. From the first meeting, NSN Management demonstrated a keen understanding of the healthcare space and began learning how Edison Health Solutions works and what they need from their IT.

“With NSN Management, it’s been completely different,” says Richard.

In less than thirty days, the NSN Management team carefully built and deployed a new IT infrastructure for Edison Health Solutions. Two key aspects of this project included:

Deploying A 3CX VoIP Phone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems like 3CX place calls through the cloud instead of a traditional phone line, granting users greater connectivity, more features, and reduced costs.

We equipped Edison Health Solutions with a robust VoIP solution from 3CX. This modern, scalable, and user-friendly business phone solution solved each and every one of the problems posed by their previous phone systems.

With our help, Edison Health Solutions enjoys a superior business phone solution:

Simple Interface

Since a 3CX phone system is easy to use, Edison Health Solutions doesn’t have to spend money on training employees. Basic features include easy installation, a click-to-call function, video conferencing, and mobile-friendly functionality.


Edison Health Solutions can use the 3CX phone system with VoIP, SIP, and PSTN technology. The system is easy to configure and comes with a web-based management console.

They will be able to maintain security without hiring telecom consultants by using included security features for VoIP, which has options for FQDN and SSL certificates. This makes it possible to manage the PBX on an internal domain or physical server.


The 3CX phone system has features that will make its staff more productive. Journals and call popups save time and make it easier to make and answer calls. The system can also integrate Mail, CRM systems, and database servers.

Seamlessly Migrating To Microsoft 365

Cloud migration is a big process; if it’s not handled correctly, it can be error-prone and overly expensive. An improperly managed migration can result in a range of negative consequences:

  • During the transition, the business could permanently lose key data with no backup or redundancies to replace it.
  • The already expensive migration could take longer than expected and add additional downtime to the staff’s work life.
  • Once it is finally installed and launched, the platform is overly complicated and difficult to learn, leading to more downtime for the staff.

Edison Health Solutions relied on NSN Management to handle the process. By having an expert IT company manage the project, Edison Health Solutions’ staff could focus on their own work and trust that the process was being attended to.

We took over management of all their licensing and can also provide US-based responsive support from Microsoft. We also managed all configuration changes within the Microsoft 365 platform and performed any maintenance tasks required.

Once the migration was completed, we increased their data’s flexibility and scalability significantly, but we also enabled additional security features that strengthened their cybersecurity posture.

NSN Management Delivers Robust Cybersecurity Training

“They help us with the security side of compliance,” says Richard. “They also help us with training our employees in HIPAA compliance best practices.”

Cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance are major priorities for organizations in the healthcare sector like Edison Health Solutions. Cybercriminals target companies like this every day in order to steal valuable patient health information.

Edison Health Solutions and organizations like it are subject to HIPAA compliance regulations. These safeguards ensure they are properly protecting patient data.

However, it’s important to note that cybersecurity is about more than just technology. Most cybersecurity technologies offered today include the best in vital software, from firewalls to anti-malware to data encryption, but it’s not enough on its own.

The key to truly comprehensive cybersecurity is simple yet often overlooked: the user. The best cybersecurity technology and practices in the world can be undone by one staff member who doesn’t understand how to use them or protect the data they work with.

NSN Management also trains Edison Health Solutions users in cybersecurity best practices. Our comprehensive cybersecurity training program teaches their medical staff how to handle a range of potential situations:

  • Identify and address suspicious emails, phishing attempts, social engineering tactics, and more.
  • Using business technology without exposing data and other assets to external threats by accident.
  • How to respond when they suspect that an attack is occurring or has occurred.

“They go above and beyond to ensure we’re going beyond what HIPAA requires,” says Richard.

NSN Management runs realistic phishing simulations that test Edison Health Solutions employee cyber-awareness and training effectiveness. Doing so ensures that any unaware employees can be further trained, mitigating any risk they pose to the organization.

“They do a lot to help us stay on point,” says Richard. “When a real attack comes, we’ll be prepared for it.”

NSN Management Owns And Eliminates IT Issues

Like any organization, Edison Health Solutions is immediately affected by problems with its IT. It’s such a crucial part of their operations that even a small problem or occasional lag can have considerable consequences.

“We must be live because people may call us with a medical emergency,” says Richard.

Unfortunately, their previous IT company consistently failed to deliver Edison Health Solutions’ required support. Moreover, they actively created a culture in which the staff felt uncomfortable asking for help.

The IT company’s support staff would regularly question why Edison Health Solutions staff members were attempting to open support tickets rather than addressing the request and investigating the issue.

“They were very resistant to us submitting tickets for issues,” says Richard.

As a healthcare organization, Edison Health Solutions requires quick and effective support from its IT company to maintain the continuity of its services and operations. This is yet another reason why they switched to NSN Management.

“NSN Management’s approach is that issues are going to happen no matter what, so it’s a matter of working quickly to resolve them,” says Richard.

The Edison Health Solutions staff knows they can rely on the NSN Management team for support. When they encounter an issue, they get in touch with us and get a response right away, helping to limit downtime and interruptions to their productivity.

Once, when one of the NSN Management technicians was onsite at Edison Health Solutions’ offices, one of the health agency’s staff members noted that their systems ran very slowly when they used a specific program. The NSN Management team member asked them to submit a ticket, which the Edison Health Solutions staff member hadn’t thought to do.

Once the ticket was submitted, our team could resolve it within 15 minutes. Eliminating the system lag was simply asking the NSN Management team for help.

“It’s been a process of teaching our employees that you can let NSN Management know about any IT issue, no matter how small, and it’ll get fixed,” says Richard.

Edison Health Solutions Is Confident In Their Future With NSN Management

Since partnering with NSN Management, Edison Health Solutions has enjoyed seamless and effective support for its entire organization. With NSN Management’s help, Richard and the Edison Health Solutions staff can more easily do their jobs.

“Overall, we’re very happy,” says Richard. “We’re excited to continue the partnership in the coming years.”