It’s Time For Your
Cybersecurity Checkup?

Are you unsure of how secure your business is?

You can’t afford to assume that your cyber security measures and practices are keeping you safe.

Make sure you have the necessary cybersecurity defenses and best practices in place…

Follow This Checklist To Protect Your Business

  • Confirm that anti‑malware and antivirus settings are deployed to automate all updates and to continually conduct system and device scans.
  • Have a policy in place that verifies software updates are being applied in a timely manner. Unpatched software can be exploited by cybercriminals to infect your systems with malware.
  • Access controls should be configured so that shared permissions for directories, files and networks are restricted. The default settings should be “read‑only” access to essential files, with limited permissions for write access to critical files and directories.
  • Implement Multi‑Factor Authentication to protect accounts from access with breached passwords.
  • Train your staff to ask themselves these key questions before opening an email:
    • Do I know the sender of this email?
    • Does it make sense that it was sent to me?
    • Can I verify that the attached link or PDF is safe?
    • Does the email threaten to close my accounts or cancel my cards if I don’t provide information?
    • Is this email really from someone I trust or does it just look like someone I trust? What can I do to verify?
    • Does anything seem “off” about this email, its contents or sender?
  • Disable:
    • Macro scripts in email
    • Files running within AppData or LocalAppData folders
    • Remote Desktop Protocol capabilities (unless needed, in which case they should be limited to internal network use)
  • Software restriction policies should be created or other controls implemented that prevent the execution, especially in the common locations where ransomware lurks, such as temporary folders used by the most common web browsers.
  • Have an annual security audit and penetration test performed to determine how vulnerable your organization is.

Are You Absolutely Sure You’re Secure?

Don’t let this opportunity to double-check your cybersecurity pass you by.

You can start improving your cybersecurity by getting in touch with the NSN Management team.