FAQsFrequently Asked Questions about Managed IT Support

Frequently Asked Questions

An MSP (or Managed Service Provider) proactively manages IT assets on behalf of a client. The primary distinction that sets apart an MSP from a typical IT service is the proactive delivery of services, as compared to reactive IT maintenance, which has been around for decades.


Typically, MSPs will have the following distinguishing characteristics:


– Have some form of Network Operation Center (NOC) service

– Use remote monitoring and management (RMM)

– Offer help desk capability


We deliver all of these solutions with a predictable billing model, where the client knows with great accuracy what their regular IT management expense will be.


NSN Management is equipped to handle the following:


  1. Full IT Management

  2. Phone Systems

  3. Firewalls & Security

  4. Data Backups & Protection

  5. Company-wide software (Office/Microsoft 365)

As well as many other proactive maintenance duties.

We offer our customers flat-rate monthly pricing based on the amount of computer-users within your company. Therefore, each price will differ depending on what your needs are. For a more detailed quote, you can reach out to us in the following ways:


Phone: (918) 770-7400

Email: [email protected]

OR fill out our form on the Contact page to request more information!

In short, cloud computing takes your data and moves it outside the organization’s firewall. Storage of applications and other information can be accessed via the Internet. Your data is then delivered and used over the Internet and are paid for by the cloud customer on an as-needed or pay-per-use business model.

In other words, instead of storing and accessing programs and files from a computer in your office, you’re storing and accessing them from someone else’s via the internet. The benefit of this is that you don’t need to buy enough hardware to handle everything yourself, you can simply pay for the cloud service. Companies that provide cloud services have huge data centers that are dedicated to this purpose.

Sadly, there aren’t any real clouds holding your data out there!

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is an IT management software that gives technicians visibility into their client’s device in real time. This is the tool that really allows NSN to be so proactive when taking care of your systems,


RMM was designed to help IT companies and managed service providers (MSPs) remotely monitor and maintain their client’s devices. This includes system health checks, updates, and any other technology issues someone might face. Most importantly, it aids in proactive care to reduce your system’s downtime.

A network operations center (NOC) is a central location from which network administrators manage, monitor, and control one or more networks. A NOC monitors the network for things like power failures, router problems, and performance issues that may affect networks. NOCs are also able to perform troubleshooting, analyze problems, and track those problems until they are resolved.

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