About NSN

About NSN Management

It’s our feeling that when people hire an IT services firm, they don’t want just another vendor to check boxes and connect wires; they want a partner who they can truly rely on to work in their best interest.  We’ve spent almost 20 years supporting the day-to-day operations of our community, guiding their IT investments, and building long-lasting, win-win partnerships. Throughout this time, one thing has remained consistent: Client satisfaction always comes first

Without deeply satisfied clients, we simply wouldn’t exist as a company. In honor of that, we’ve designed our team and operations from the ground up to make you thrilled with our service. Consistent, fast, responsive, friendly, and honest, and knowledgeable support—that’s what you can expect in every interaction.  

The NSN Management Story

NSN Management has been serving the Oklahoma and Arkansas regions since 2012.   Though we’ve had the pleasure of recently introducing some new faces to the team, the core NSN Management staff is composed of veteran IT engineers and technicians who share a passion for supporting the small and mid-sized business community. Also important to us is that we provide solutions that businesses in our area can comfortably afford. Our expertise allows us to build and develop infrastructure management solutions to keep our clients up and running without cutting any corners or service quality.

Meet Sean Fullerton

CEO & Founder of NSN Management

Sean has been in the trenches of the technology industry for his entire 30-year long career. Before striking out to found NSN Management in 2012, he was CEO/CTO of several technology firms in Oklahoma, including Peak UpTime and IT services firm eMonarch.

In addition to his leadership duties at NSN Management, Sean is an avid technology evangelist, author, and speaker with an emphasis on the Microsoft ecosystem. His focus in this role is on delivering technology solutions that address real-world business problems and innovating new ways that managed services can help small businesses become more productive.

Experience Excellence in IT

Through partnership with NSN Management, we'll guide you to make the best decisions for your individual business needs. We pride ourselves at being the best and ensuring our customers needs are met.

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