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Tired of cybersecurity uncertainty? We have a time-tested roadmap for guiding businesses to cybersecurity confidence, stopping network intrusion and data loss while keeping your budget focused on what matters most.

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Does Cybersecurity Feel Complex or Overwhelming?

Because they’re less defended than enterprises, small and midsized businesses are now the #1 target for hackers and cyber criminals. Facing those threats without the right team of experts in your corner often results in disaster. 

  • 61% of small and midsized businesses were hit by a cyberattack last year. [1]
  • 82% of ransomware attacks targeted SMBs [2]
  • Small business employees experience 350% more social engineering attacks than enterprises [3]

The danger of ignoring cybersecurity is too great. But how do you find a partner who can truly help you manage your risk, reduce your stress levels, while also staying within your budget?

We Help Growing Businesses Achieve Cybersecurity Confidence

With fewer defenses and smaller budgets than large enterprises, small businesses in Oklahoma and Arkansas need to make every single dollar count to keep themselves safe. The NSN Management team has developed a repeatable battleplan for keeping small and midsized businesses safe from attack, without wasting effort and budget. 

  • Cybersecurity awareness training 
  • Access controls 
  • Network security monitoring 
  • Incident response and analysis
  • Backups and disaster recovery

Through every step of the process, we prioritize transparency, open communication, and honesty so you feel supported and empowered.

Watchful 24-7 Network Security Monitoring

Hacking attempts are simply a fact of life, which means that any comprehensive cybersecurity plan must be proactive and vigilant.  NSN Management offers 24/7 network security monitoring to watch for the earliest signs of cyberattacks and stop hackers before they do serious damage to your business. 

Threat Detection

Network security monitoring helps us detect signs of infiltration early before the damage is done.


Analyzing files, system logs, and information helps us to identify cyber intrusions that need extra attention.

Threat Containment

We move to counter the cyber criminals and undo close the loophole that allowed them access to your systems.

Cybersecurity Incident Management

Tracking the lifecycle of each attack allows us to build a big picture of your security level and make improvements.

Industry Expertise is the Key to Strong Cybersecurity

While each company has unique security challenges and goals, it’s critical that you partner with a cybersecurity company that understands your industry. Here’s how our industry expertise benefits you: 

  • We find cybersecurity gaps less experienced firms won’t
  • Familiarity with your industry’s trends and best practices 
  • Clear communication at every step; we speak your language! 

Over 15 years of service, NSN Management has developed experience in several key fields. 

Protect Your Data with Backup and Disaster Recovery

Even the best defended businesses should be prepared for when a hacker bypasses those defenses. If digital breaches can happen at some of the largest companies in the country, they can also happen at small businesses in Oklahoma too.

Cybersecurity solutions from NSN Management include a customized data backup solution that identifies key data assets in your network and protects that data in, at minimum, one secure, off-site facility. 

Effective BDR isn’t a one-off project. To keep you safe, we perform regular testing and maintenance of your data backups, ensuring that the most important data is always available when you need it. 

Eliminate Regulatory Compliance Worries

Businesses struggling with regulatory compliance standards often benefit from having a helpful, responsive expert to help them navigate all their technical challenges.

The security team at NSN Management stays on top of all the latest compliance regulations and developments so that your team doesn’t have to. We don’t tick boxes on a checklist, we do a deep analysis of your operations and controls to keep you ahead of the latest developments. 

  • General Data Protection Rule (GDPR)
  • Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

We Lead Businesses to Security Confidence

Is your business in Tulsa or Oklahoma City looking for a trusted cybersecurity company? We’re here to help! Contact us any time at (918) 770-9150 or [email protected] 

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Make Your Employees a Strong First Line of Defense

The number one cybersecurity vulnerability in your business is human error. However, regular cybersecurity training and testing from NSN management can transform your team from cyber liability into an effective first-line defense against hackers. We provide specialized, holistic training solutions that raise cybersecurity awareness at each level of your company.

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