Virtual Chief Information Officer Services

Technology continues to change the way that small and midsized businesses operate and compete. Virtual chief information officer (vCIO) services from NSN Management provide small and mid-sized businesses with the same insight, expertise, and strategic planning that a CIO provides at an enterprise. How does that benefit your organization?

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IT Leadership Designed for Growing Businesses

Every month, new technologies disrupt existing workflows and raise your clients’ expectations. Without a plan for staying ahead of the competition, small businesses risk losing market share to companies that are still on the cutting edge. However, with the average price of a CIO in our region well over $150k a year plus perks, hiring senior IT strategist remains prohibitively expensive for most businesses. For a small fraction of that price, NSN Management can provide the exact same level of support.

Network Audit:

We use a combination of onsite engineering staff and tools to gain a deep understanding of your technology, which serves as a foundation for our future work.

Leadership Meetings:

We regularly meet with senior staff every month or every quarter—whichever you need—to learn about your latest priorities and news, so we can better support your goals.

What Can a vCIO Do for Your Business?

The senior engineers at NSN Management have helped our clients manage whatever IT issues they face. Here are just some of the important work our vCIO will handle for your business.  

Technology Planning
Do you know how your network should evolve to maximize productivity, retain great talent, and provide a satisfying customer experience? Let our senior technologists replace your uncertainty with a clear, actionable plan. 

Vendor Management
As businesses grow, so does the number of technology-related vendors. Our vCIO will coordinate all your IT vendors for your, including cloud services, telecom providers, and cybersecurity tools, relieving your staff of a tedious task.  

Other IT tasks that we can help you handle for you:

  • Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Application Selection
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Cloud Computing Strategy
  • Budgeting and ROI Analysis

The Benefits of vCIO Services

How does your business actually benefit from the help of a vCIO service? In addition to increased confidence, there are many concrete benefits to having a senior IT expert guide your business.

What is Business-IT Alignment?

The goal of our vCIO team is to achieve what’s called “business–IT alignment.” That means your staff has the tools they need to do their job as efficiently as they can while spending as little money as possible to achieve those seamless workflows.

This alignment doesn’t happen overnight, but through careful strategic steps, we get all our clients to this ideal state. 

Strategy Built on True Partnership

NSN Management is more than just committed to customer satisfaction and service quality; it’s the very reason we exist. With deep roots in our community, great reviews from our clients, and an obsession with helping businesses make the most of the latest technology, we’re the ideal vCIO team for any business in Oklahoma or Arkansas. Want to find out more? Contact our team at (918) 770-9150 or [email protected]

Experience Excellence in IT

Through partnership with NSN Management, we'll guide you to make the best decisions for your individual business needs. We pride ourselves at being the best and ensuring our customers needs are met.

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