Creating WOW Moments for Our Clients

WOW! What an awesome word. For me, WOW is more than a word; it’s a state of being. I’m sure you’re thinking, what kind of eastern mysticism is that nonsense? Not nonsense and not eastern mysticism, I promise!

You see, WOW is what you feel when you encounter something or someone that defies all other words to explain. The view of a snow-covered mountaintop, or a beautiful waterfall in Hawaii. It also describes when you see the incredible work of people coming together to help each other during a disaster, like we see when a hurricane hit Texas or New Orleans, and the “Cajun Navy” comes out in force.

Those experiences all create WOW feelings.

One of my most vivid WOW moments was holding each of my three children for the very first time. There were no words for me other than WOW! The miracle of this little baby in my arms was beyond description, or even the enormous feelings that rushed through me in that moment. It was just, WOW!

WOW moments don’t always have to be that grand, though. WOW moments can be created in everyday interactions with people.

Where am I going with this? I want the NSN Management team to create a WOW experience for the companies we serve and their team members. How can a managed IT service provider (or MSP) create WOW?

Well, it’s actually not that difficult. It’s right in the name: MANAGED IT.

I have an overarching tenet that I have used in every sales presentation with a potential client: NSN does not get paid to fix stuff. In our service model, where our clients pay us a flat monthly fee every month, we lose money when our clients have problems with their technology.

Therefore, creating WOW for our clients is centered around effectively managing their technology on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so that it is always in the best shape possible.

Our team works proactively to monitor and address issues before they become problems for our clients. Our team also works to alleviate as many problems as possible by following best practices and using our own experience to manage your technology.

Now, we can’t alleviate every problem. But in those moments, we’re given the opportunity to reinforce the WOW culture of NSN.

We have a philosophy of FIRST CONTACT (you can read about it here) that, in a nutshell, says that first contact with our team should be WOW. We should solve whatever problem our client has on that first contact whenever possible. We also strive to provide you with a sense of confidence that WE will get it taken care of, right, and we will do all we can to make it never happen again.

Now, do we nail it every time? Nope! I sure wish we did!

This creates another opportunity for creating a WOW moment, however. At NSN, we are a results-driven company. And that means we are less interested in why we made the mistake and instead focus on how to make it right. Creating a WOW moment means not casting blame (other than it falls on us), not pointing fingers at another vendor, or even the infamous “just the user’s fault” excuse.

WOW moments do not happen by accident in our industry. It is our duty and one of our foundational values to create WOW experiences for our clients through the overall experiences a client has with NSN Management, and each everyday interaction.